Lines of Investigation

The main objective of the project focuses on renewing and expanding the method of study of Spanish Gothic painting. This is achieved through the combination of historical-artistic studies with new study instruments such as physical analysis (radiography and reflectography, mainly) and chemicals, providing scientific and viable results which allow an objective knowledge in accordance with the social demands of increasing the scientific, technological and innovative culture of Spanish society and its dissemination through the network and open access. And, on the other hand, using these objective and analytical methods, an attempt will be made to understand the channels through which the Netherlandish style developed in the Iberian Peninsula, analyzing in a causal and reasoned way the development of late Gothic painting, through the networks of art markets and the circulation of works and masters.

After the historiographical revision of Gothic art, a revision is necessary in the light of historical-social and technical studies, using 21st century technology on Hispanic painting of the XV century, with a renovating vision that provides a point of a broad starting point from intrinsic aspects such as the arrival of new developments, the role of patronage, the materiality of the works themselves, and the suggestive relationships between the intelligentsia and the promotion of works of art. Therefore, in the pursuit of knowledge of late Gothic painting, special attention will be paid to:

  1. Interdisciplinarity / Transversality / Culture 
  2. Narrativity / Authorship levels
  3. Memory / Artistic Marketing
  4. Rhetoric and Intellectuality
  5. Transfer / Dissemination / Engagement


  • Rhetoric and intellectuality.
  • Visual inventions.


  • Visual image strategies.
  • Memory and artistic marketings.


  • Artist's workshop.
  • The artistic trade in the House and Courts.

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