IX Congreso Ciencia y arte


The contributions of scientific research, developed throughout the world for the conservation and restoration of cultural assets, are being recognized, and today, there is no doubt for any conservation center on an international scale the need to create, support and develop the presence of groups of experts in scientific and technical areas for the safeguarding of Heritage. This reality has led to the existence and recognition of a discipline that is already professionally consolidated in all the countries involved in the protection of historical heritage: Heritage Science. Since June 2006, a series has been started, which on a biennial basis promotes rapprochement between both sectors and establishes bridges between them, becoming a consolidated exchange forum within the framework of the IPCE's National Conservation Research Plan. In this edition, within the framework of the AmerMadCM project: America in Madrid. Interconnected heritage and tourism impact in the Community of Madrid (H2019/HUM5694), in which the IPCE participates, aims to value the historical, cultural and natural heritage generated by the profound influence of America in the Community of Madrid.

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